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Richaven Goldwyn Irene EX-2nd calver - calved 16th February with a Numero Uo heifer!

Looks awesome, and ready to rock and roll!


Richaven Holsteins looks forward to seeing everyone at Expo.

This is the first time we have entered, and to celebrate, we have put together the strongest team of milkers we have ever shown, including a few new faces!

Richaven Embryos - All Families Available!


We have all sorts of combinations available, from Champion show cows, great brood cows and very fancy heifers!

Please contact us for more information...

Prices from £600 - £800

  v   4 x Richaven Raider Squaw EX96 x Braedale Goldwyn - *SOLD!!*

v  8x Richaven Goldwyn Irene (EX 2nd calver) X Wabash-way Explode *5 sold - only 3 left!*

v  4x Richaven Goldwyn Irene X Gen-mark Stmatic Sanchez/Donnandale Skycheif *3 sold - only 1 left!*

v  4x Richaven Goldwyn Irene X Gillette Windbrook *SOLD!*

v  1x Richaven Goldwyn Adrienne EX95 3E X Regancrest Baltimor

v  7x Richaven Bolton Kay EX91 x Braedale Goldwyn

Prices £500

v  3x Richaven Raider Squaw EX96 5E X Bertiola Minico

v  2x Loukat Lucky EX93 X Nexus Dreamer *SOLD!*

v  4x Richaven Goldwyn Dellia EX91 X Val-bisson Doorman

v  4x Richaven Goldwyn Squaw 6 X Gillette Stanleycup / Bertiola Minico *SOLD!*

Prices £400

v  4x Crockers Rock Stocking Red EX91 X Riverdale Adventure Red

v  2x Richaven Mattador Squaw EX92 X Braedale Goldwyn *SOLD!*

v  1x Richaven Astronomical Adrienne EX95 X Gen-mark Stmatic Sanchez

v  6x Richaven Goldwyn Squaw 2 VG88 X England Ammon Million

v  2x Richaven Astre Squaw EX93 5E X Braedale Goldwyn *SOLD!* 

v  8x Richaven Goldwyn Squaw EX92 X Gillette Stanleycup

Prices £300

v  8x Richaven RR Squaw EX93 X Braedale Goldwyn / Calbrett CC Champion

v  10x Richaven HR Squaw EX92 X Picston Shottle

v  3x Ketby Dellias Encore EX94 3E X Ridge-star Journalist *SOLD!*


The cows arrived back at Richaven at 4pm on Thursday after a fantastic show for the team.

We were delighted to win the Junior 2nd Calver class and Intermediate Champion with Richaven Rapture Rebecca VG89-3yr on her first time in a showring since she won as a calf at Norfolk.

Rapture Rebecca is a great example of our breeding policy as she is sired by our own bull, Richaven Rapture, a Goldwyn from the Roxie line.

Best of all, Richaven Goldwyn Adrienne EX95-3E won the Aged Cow Class before taking the Breed Championship and Reserve Agriscot Supercow!

Thanks for all the help from our show team; Gary Jones, Louise Thomas, Jess Quinn, and our Dan! Special thanks to Karen and Mark Hunter for lending a hand in addition to taking care of their own.

Lorry heading North!

The stand looked great due to everyone's efforts and won Reserve Best Presented. We also saw a lot of interest in stock from our top cows and will be sending a lorry north some time in January - any further enquiries would be very welcome.

Sweet Satisfaction - and a Smile at last!!

**New Maximum Scores at Richaven!**

We are thrilled to announce two new EX95 cows AND a new EX96!!


Our poster girl, Richaven Goldwyn Adrienne has just scored a Maximum Score for the third year running! Now EX95-3E as a fourth calver.


Our other 95 point cow is Fordmill Squawbuck Tandy, milking her 7th. This our oldest milking Squawbuck daughter at Richaven and we are delighted with how they are performing! We have semen available - please contact us for details...


Richaven Raider Squaw, who has been part of our show string for the past six years and competed successfully at many national shows, has now been scored EX96 in her 7th lactation. Raider Squaw has already produced over 74 tonnes of milk and last year, was our highest earning cow combining milk, progeny and embryo sales.

Squaw will be flushed again this winter - please contact us for details.

Embryos and Bulls available at Richaven

New pictures are in!

The pictures of our show team from the 2013 Livestock and Dairy Event.

This year, our string included a number of new faces: 8 out of 9 were out for their first showing under the Richaven banner - click on an image and scroll through to view.

Livestock and Dairy Event 2013

We had a fantastic couple of days at this year's Dairy Event taking the Supreme Interbreed Championship with Loukat Lucky EX93, our 3rd calf Ayrshire.


In the Holstein ring we won several classes and took Reserve Champion with Richaven Goldwyn Dellia EX91.


Thanks to the whole team for turning the Richaven cows out so well.

All-Britain Awards 2012



Richaven Goldwyn Irene EX-2nd calver



Richaven Goldwyn Adrienne EX93

Reserve All-Britain Senior Second Calver 2011



Richaven Goldwyn Squaw VG88-3yr



Holmland Goldwyn Adeen VG88-2yr


We had a fantastic year with all four of our nominations placed in the top three!

In the last two years, Richaven Holsteins have bred 5 of the top 12 second calvers that have placed in the top three - with 2 class wins!


Lucky Loukat VG89 was nominated to represent the UK yet again in the Ayrshire World Photographic Competition!! 

TWO CONSECUTIVE YEARS! Nominated All-World 2012 & 2013


Champion Ayrshire Agriscot 2011 & 2012


Predicted lactation; 11,600kgs

Currently giving 37kgs at 4.91%bf and 3.62%p 75 SCC

Due in September to Nexus Dreamer

Agriscot 2012

Richaven Holsteins had a great show at Agriscot 2012


Richaven Goldwyn Irene EX-2nd calver won the Junior Cow class (pictured far right)


Richaven Goldwyn Adrienne EX93-3E was second Senior Cow behind the eventual Breed Champion (pictured far left).



Second Success for Loukat Lucky!


For the second year running, Loukat Lucky EX93 third calver took the Ayrshire Championship at Agriscot. She is now served to Nexus Dreamer.

The Richaven herd was founded in 1993 with the goal of breeding the best, which remains true to this day.

85 cows (including several impressive Ayrshires) are milked twice a day and there are 130 followers.


Cow Families

Adeen, Adrienne, Ashlyn, Bud, Birdy, Dellia, Fransci, Ghost, Irene, Katie, Kay, Mahala, Papoose, Roxy, Squaw.

Ayrshire cow families stem from the Anne, Jonquil and Rene lines.

Sires in use

Brady, Armstead, Golden Dreams, Seaver, Explode, Doorman, Glauco and Shadow 

Home-bred Sires in use

Richaven Squawbuck and Richaven Ivan

Summer Ration

Grazing April to October/November, buffer fed grass with maize silage, 1kg 38%protein

Winter Ration

60% grass silage, 40% maize silage, 1.5kgs 38%p, ad-lib hay (18-20kgs from the manger), top up in the parlour

Current Classification - 97% VG/EX

Average score - 89 points

Herd Average - August 2013

33.5kgs at 4.32%bf and 3.14%p, 120 SCC

10,465kgs, 4.44%bf, 3.17%p, 99 SCC

Rolling conception (last 3 months) - 90% held to first service...

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